Businesses may often look for cheap options to get their websites online, but this may often cause more harm than good. As technology moves ahead with leaps bounds it becomes paramount not only to keep up with it in terms of software, but also hardware. You wouldn’t be using a ten year old mobile phone today would you? And you most certainly wouldn’t be using a 5 year old version of your mobile phone’s operating system. So why use cheap old hardware and software where it matters most?

At Impression Analytics we are always ahead of the curve, keeping up with hardware and software innovations so that our clients are always up and running FAST! Did you know that 80% of customers leave a website if it takes more than 30 seconds to load? Why become a statistic and lose out on solid business growth?

Speed Matters

With solid infrastructure backing your website, you’ll avoid falling behind in terms of search ranking. Fast websites mean more business!…

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